Are you tired of paying monthly cable subscription to watch fixed channels on your TV? Do you wish to have more selection of your favourite channels without paying high monthly bills? Would you love to connect with your loved ones who live out of state? Or perhaps you want to make sure that your kids watch kid-friendly shows? How about some bonding time with old high-school friends who live in other states and haven't seen since long ago?

Did you know that you can do all these and much more from just a single android TV box?

Yes! PlayIt.

PlayIt – android TV box has been developed to provide the "Value" we all want from our usual television subscriptions without high charges.  

Create Your Own Play Lists with PlayIt

The PlayIt android TV box comes with pre-installed Kloud player which allows you to create your playlists on YouTube or other partnering video-sites. You can add them to your watch-list too in order to watch later. Your watchlist is not just limited to YouTube or similar web videos, you can also use your image galleries to your watchlist to enjoy watching them on your TV screen.

Stay Connected with Your Friends and Family

The pre-installed Kloud player in PlayIt android TV box transforms your TV screen into your social connectivity platform with just a few clicks. It lets you browse through your social feeds on your TV screens and communicate with your friends through online chats. More interestingly, it comes with Kloud Camera which facilitates you connecting with your friends, family and all your social circles through video calls and conference calls; everything on your television screen.

You can, amazingly, turn your TV lounge into an online get together with friends or family. Additionally, you can use your Android TV box to organize professional meetings with PlayIt video conferencing features.

Remote Configuration: A Care for Your Loved Ones

In this rapidly growing and innovative tech-world, PlayIt android TV box supports shrinking the distances among you and your loved ones with the help of its amazing features. It allows you to show your love and care to your parents, siblings, kids or friends through remote configuration component and playlists. You can easily log onto your mother’s, sister’s or friend’s device page and configure their device without having to visit them in person.

Kloud Player, the internal application of your android TV box gives you the facility of sharing your recordings, playlists and much more like managing multiple things while sitting in front of your television. You can quickly create and share an exclusive playlist with interesting videos to surprise your loved ones and much more!

Voice Command & Control

PlayIt has incredible voice command and control component which lets you launch various apps by voice commands. You can use voice commands to view and manage your favourite channels, social feeds and YouTube videos.

Parental Control

PlayIt android TV box helps you become a responsible parent with the help of its parental control component. It facilitates you to choose the right videos for your kids. It helps you train your kid in a better way.

Your PlayIt android TV box is more like tech-magic-wand which opens innovative ways to connect and socialize. It is the perfect gift for your loved ones on this Christmas event. Subscribe today to get yourself registered for upcoming promotions!