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Digital Signage: Engaging Content for Your Business

  Entice new customers and excite existing ones with display signage.

Great for marketing and advertising special deals and promotions.


Hospitality Industry
  • Entertain customers for hours with multiple TV streaming  and playlist options
  • Highlight special daily deals to sell off products nearing end of life cycle
  • Place outside to entice people passing by with special menu items
Kaser Digital Signage on a Hotel


Banks and Financial Institutions
  • Highlight special promotions that are available to your banking customers
  • Showcase interest rates and live market updates
  • Ticket system to keep track of visitors
  • Videos to entertain waiting customers


Retail and Malls
  • Play music videos to excite customers and create a fun environment for them to stay in store longer
  • In store promotion and marketing
  • Wayfinding device for customers to easily find the stores they are looking for
Kaser Digital Signage on a Retail store


  • Ticketing pricing at entrance to save customer service time without needing to explain the pricing
  • Showcase what exhibits are coming up
  • Educate visitors with information about the attraction they are viewing.


Other Industries
Upgrade your technology and entice more customers, get in touch with one of our consultants today. 

The team at KaserNet can show give you a free consultation about how Poser can help your business.
Kaser Digital Signage on a Restaurant
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A Cloud Solution for Digital Signage and music


The content within Poser can be easily adapted to suit any business requirements. Great for entertaining your customers and engaging your staff members.

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