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Point of Service : Multi-Functional Point of Service device

  The content within PoSer can be easily adapted to suit any business requirements.

Great for entertaining your customers and engaging your staff members.

Kaser Point of Service Device


Restaurants / Bars
  • Entertain customers for hours with internet access and TV streaming options
  • Save your staff time with self ordering functions
  • Button to call server for easy assistance
  • Cell phone charging station in busy bars


Supermarkets / Retail
  • Reduce staff work load by introducing aisle by isle price check
  • Include a mini map to assist customers locate the product they are looking for
  • Include a VIP sign up for marketing lead generation


  • Interactive learning device for students
  • Survey tool for student and staff engagement
  • Student enrolment system
  • Wayfinding device for students to easily find their classes and timetables


Health Care / Hospitals
  • Ticketing system to organize visitors easily
  • Patient registration and check in
  • Entertainment for patients to reduce the feeling of waiting
  • Emergency messaging
  • Number call alert system


Religious Venues
  • Sermon Broadcasting
  • Easy to follow text for members to follow along hymns
  • Community notice boards
  • Electronic donation collector


Other Industries
If you have been considering upgrading the technology in your business, get in touch with one of our consultants today. 

KaserNet can show give you a free consultation about how PoSer can help your business.
Kaser Point of Service in a Retail Store
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