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01 Businesses in your sector

02 Simple to use

03 Advanced table plan

04 Cloud technology

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06 Remote management

07 Customizable dashboard

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Businesses in your sector

Kpos was founded on the belief all businesses, regardless of their size can leverage the power of cloud technology to streamline business operations. Our award-winning systems have been affording hospitality businesses increased profitability, reduced costs and peace of mind since start-up in 2011.

We serve over 50 industries, with a history of success serving the hospitality sector. Our customers range from independent café s and bars, to multi-site restaurants and hotel franchises, up to national stadiums with 100+ systems. Our comprehensive Athena software is engineered to meet the demands of the service industry, improving service speeds and the customer experience.

Kloud POS for Business



Kloud POS Simple to use 
Simple to use

Our system is so intuitive that a staff member can be fully trained in 15 minutes or less. You need to control your business without compromising your quality or speed of service. Our system delivers fast-close tender keys, rapid reordering functions and quick tab-to-table order transfers. Our system will ensure every item is sold for the correct price. Your staff will stop charging the wrong price (and/or stop guessing), and you can change those prices easily. Staff members can quickly switch between orders and can even be prompted to upsell and cross sell with the inclusion of popup notes.

Users report a 30% speed increase 10% savings for reduction in human error Staff are trained in 15 minutes.



Advanced table plan

Our advanced table management system is completely customizable to your floor plan to ensure better customer service and staff productivity. Even if tables or chairs need to be moved around from night to night, changes can be made to the floor plan instantaneously using the drag and drop functionality, easing the job for hosts, servers, and managers and allowing them to focus on what matters most - the customers.

You can even split and transfer the bill between tables. Reservations can quickly be allocated to ensure no double bookings, and the number of covers and bill amount per table can be easily recorded for reporting purposes. Our system can even integrate with your website’ s booking system and mobile booking apps.

Track the number of covers and time-at-table.

Synchronizes in real-time amongst all your devices and tablets.

Easily split and merge bills in seconds.

Report on revenue per table

Kloud POS Device



Cloud Technology

Cloud technology is providing hospitality business owners with more flexibility. The rise of mobile working means you can access your data anytime, anywhere or on any device, allowing you to run your business from your back pocket!

Cloud technology is the perfect partner for a growing business affording you unlimited scalability and protection for your data. The cloud also eliminates costly software upgrades and means your system will automatically be updated with every release. You’ll always have the most up to date software, without the additional price tag.


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