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Even more care for your family than ever. PlayIt can do this through the cloud

Like everybody else, it’s hard to believe that so many of us won’t see the New Year or be waiting for the Santa Clause around Christmas season. But one thing that will remain in this world are stories that we will tell our children and grandchildren. Not only this, but the world will change even after when this COVID-19 pandemic will end. Offices will not remain the same as they used to be, schools will be empty but the children will learn as the world go virtual.

Since we haven’t seen an antidote that could cure the Coronavirus, one could simply assume that it won’t be over soon. Even the limitations on meeting elderly people are heartbreaking, but life doesn’t stop here. With the invention of the internet, we’re thankful that we’re not disconnected from the world. Universities, schools, offices and daily business is still going on. If not from the cubical or the classrooms then from the couch or the dining area or even the bedrooms.

Students and employees are enjoying their time at home especially the introverts, for them, it’s just how the world should be. During this time when you can’t meet your elders and are unable to see your friends like you used to, it’s hard to spend time all by yourself. But what if you have them on your TV screen and while you sit on the couch it will probably feel like as if they’re there with you. Well, Playit can do this and what best is that you won’t have to even hold the phone or tablet. You won’t have to sit in the chair from 9 to 5 like you used to do at work.

- PlayIt brings multiple features:
  o Video Calls, Conference Calls
  o Video Streaming
  o YouTube Streaming Without Ads
  o Creating Playlists & Sharing them From Everywhere

Conduct meetings, attend classes, long chats with friends and sharing those funny videos with your grandma. It’s all possible and the great thing is you will be able to do this with a remote that comes with Playit or if you prefer to use a wireless mouse. Isn’t it just what you’ve always wanted?

You don’t even have to buy an expensive smart TV, any TV with the HDMI port will do just fine. Playit comes with a camera that sits on your TV and once you start the video call with the Playit, it automatically turns on. This camera can also be switched your screen into a mirror so that you can work out at home the same as if you’re doing in the gym.

Once you connect the Playit device and finish the initial setup, you can start sharing your YouTube video playlists and watch all the videos without any ads interruptions. Download all of your favourite apps and use them the way you like.

To facilitate our users, we’ve integrated Zoom as well. So, you don’t have to do any struggle but to click a button to go virtual. Order Playit from Walmart or Amazon, psst… big surprise sale is going on.

Are you tired of paying monthly cable subscription to watch fixed channels on your TV? Do you wish to have more selection of your favourite channels without paying high monthly bills? Would you love to connect with your loved ones who live out of state? Or perhaps you want to make sure that your kids watch kid-friendly shows? How about some bonding time with old high-school friends who live in other states and haven't seen since long ago?

Did you know that you can do all these and much more from just a single android TV box?

Yes! PlayIt.

PlayIt – android TV box has been developed to provide the "Value" we all want from our usual television subscriptions without high charges.  

Create Your Own Play Lists with PlayIt

The PlayIt android TV box comes with pre-installed Kloud player which allows you to create your playlists on YouTube or other partnering video-sites. You can add them to your watch-list too in order to watch later. Your watchlist is not just limited to YouTube or similar web videos, you can also use your image galleries to your watchlist to enjoy watching them on your TV screen.

Stay Connected with Your Friends and Family

The pre-installed Kloud player in PlayIt android TV box transforms your TV screen into your social connectivity platform with just a few clicks. It lets you browse through your social feeds on your TV screens and communicate with your friends through online chats. More interestingly, it comes with Kloud Camera which facilitates you connecting with your friends, family and all your social circles through video calls and conference calls; everything on your television screen.

You can, amazingly, turn your TV lounge into an online get together with friends or family. Additionally, you can use your Android TV box to organize professional meetings with PlayIt video conferencing features.

Remote Configuration: A Care for Your Loved Ones

In this rapidly growing and innovative tech-world, PlayIt android TV box supports shrinking the distances among you and your loved ones with the help of its amazing features. It allows you to show your love and care to your parents, siblings, kids or friends through remote configuration component and playlists. You can easily log onto your mother’s, sister’s or friend’s device page and configure their device without having to visit them in person.

Kloud Player, the internal application of your android TV box gives you the facility of sharing your recordings, playlists and much more like managing multiple things while sitting in front of your television. You can quickly create and share an exclusive playlist with interesting videos to surprise your loved ones and much more!

Voice Command & Control

PlayIt has incredible voice command and control component which lets you launch various apps by voice commands. You can use voice commands to view and manage your favourite channels, social feeds and YouTube videos.

Parental Control

PlayIt android TV box helps you become a responsible parent with the help of its parental control component. It facilitates you to choose the right videos for your kids. It helps you train your kid in a better way.

Your PlayIt android TV box is more like tech-magic-wand which opens innovative ways to connect and socialize. It is the perfect gift for your loved ones on this Christmas event. Subscribe today to get yourself registered for upcoming promotions!

Kaser Corp has always been one step ahead of the game. We understand what people want, and our geniuses are more than capable of said wants. Kaser Corporation is a hub of innovation and futuristic technology.

PlayIt was developed by Kaser Corp to make your life easier. With PlayIt, you can keep, manage and organize your entire digital life in just one place. PlayIt is an Android TV box set which lets you build a list of your favorite channels, link up your YouTube and other social media accounts, view and organize your online image and video playlists and galleries.

What Can PlayIt Do?

     I.   Build A List of Favorite Channels:

We all know the dreaded task of perusing through all the channels, just to get to your favorite one. It is hard finding something you like when there are literally hundreds and thousands of channels available. With PlayIt, you can make a list of your favorite channels, genres and content.

   II.   View Weather Forecast and News:

How many of us have to go to online applications to see the weather forecast before stepping out? Well, PlayIt will make the entire process easier for you. Just set up your area code, and it will show you 5 days’ weather forecast, so you are better prepared for your journey.

You can also get the latest news and updates of your area with just one voice command. PlayIt keeps you constantly up-to-date with every useful piece of information.

 III.   Link Social Media Accounts:

PlayIt lets you link up your social media accounts with your Android TV box set. You can add your YouTube account to your device, and easily enjoy all your online playlists and favorite videos on your big screen TV.

You can also add other social media platforms and view your entire social media feeds on your TV screen. Instead of switching to different apps constantly on your cellphone, PlayIt lets you control, view and respond to all your social media feeds with voice commands.

IV.   Additional Features:

PlayIt comes with a pre-installed Kloud Player. This is an artificially intelligent virtual assistant, which caters to all of your digital management needs. Just say a voice command and it will understand you from anywhere in the room. It can carry out basic tasks with great ease.

You can video chat with your friends or hold a conference call with your peers and colleagues with PlayIt. The HD camera and the state-of-the-art microphone are more than capable of offering crystal clear video and audio quality.

You can share your created lists with your loved ones with just one click. If you want to remotely manage their device and content, PlayIt lets you control and organize their content and settings from the comfort of your own home.

Kasercorp has finally done the impossible and created a device to make your life as easy as possible. PlayIt is an AI oriented AI device which is linked with the television, and it allows you to control, manage and use your TV with just your voice.

PlayIt can be linked with all your social accounts, and it will automatically play your subscribed or favorite videos, your picture galleries, and other social media content without any unnecessary hassle. You can choose between different viewing modes to select the best aspect ratio for your TV. Let’s take a look at it in detail. 

What Is PlayIt and Why Is It Revolutionary?

PlayIt was developed by the creative developers at Kasercorp. With the modern technological revolution, the need for hands free tech arose faster than ever. This is the motto and demand which drove us to create one of the world’s finest and modern AI controlled device.

PlayIt acts as a TV box, which can be integrated with your television set. It allows the user to control the functionalities of the television with voice controlled commands. You can switch between channels, lower or raise the volume control, or switch between different media modes by just saying a few words.

One of the best things about our device is that it doesn’t need a remote control to understand or receive voice commands. The device will understand voice commands from anywhere in the room. Our device employs a state-of-the-art microphone and an HD camera. Let’s breakdown some of the best features of PlayIt.

Voice Controlled AI System:

Our device PlayIt comes pre-installed with an artificially intelligent virtual assistant by the name of “Kloud.” Kloud only needs your voice from anywhere in the room to obey you.

Even if you can find your remote, the primary device has its own built-in microphone with a wide range. Just say what you want, and Kloud will do as you desire. Change the channels, record your favorite show or peruse through your personal image galleries with just one simple voice command.

Build Lists and Organize Your Favorites:

Haven’t we all wanted to create and gather a list of our favorite channels, songs, media content and pictures, so we can access them easily anytime? Well, Kloud will do that for you.

Just keep on liking your favorite channels or media content, and Kloud will add them to your “Favorites List.” Later on, you can cycle through your custom list and view whatever your heart wants. Our device is also capable of sharing and syncing this list with your family and friends all the way across the country.

Other Perks of PlayIt:

PlayIt was also designed to meet and exceed your professional needs. With the HD camera capabilities, you can hold virtual conference meetings with a crystal clear audio and picture quality. We designed the camera to perfectly capture a 20 * 20 feet area.

If you set up your location, the device will also find all the relevant weather and news articles and display them to keep you up-to-date with your surroundings.


We do not claim to be the biggest giant in the tech industry, but PlayIt speaks for itself and is the hallmark of our excellence and innovation. PlayIt caters to all your virtual and digital needs and then some. Whether you want to video chat with a friend, use voice commands to control the TV’s functionalities and controls, or browse through your linked social accounts, you will never have to get up. Just command it, and PlayIt will obey. Life had never been so easier.

The digital entertainment mediums are exponentially increasing and becoming harder to manage. Every day, new channels, genres, categories, shows, and social media platforms are created to enhance and increases the number of entertainment choices available to people. However, this immense expansion in the digital world is causing management difficulties for the audience.

The PlayIt Android TV box set was designed by Kaser Corporation to not only address this issue, but also to enhance the quality of media consumption in general. You can gather your favorite content, manage different categories, view news updates and weather forecast, and watch your YouTube playlists on your TV screen with one click.


What Is PlayIt Capable of?

PlayIt Android TV box set is an innovational device to help manage your daily digital needs in a more efficient manner. It is house to Kloud Player, which is an internal app of the device. Kloud Player is an artificially intelligent virtual assistant and an application to manage and play your linked playlists. It can also create lists of your favorite channels, genres and content. Let’s take a look at what these two can offer you:

Weather Forecast and News Updates:

All you have to do is input your area code, and Kloud Player will start showing 5 days’ weather forecast on the home page of your TV. You can also browse local events and news on your TV. No need to manage different applications for news and weather updates. PlayIt Android TV Box set is capable of catering to all your news needs with one click.

YouTube Playlists:

Gone are the days of enjoying YouTube videos on laptops, computers and smartphones. With PlayIt, you can enjoy YouTube videos and playlists right on your big screen. You can log onto the web page for PlayIt playlists management, add new YouTube playlists, toggle them on, and your Android TV box will automatically sync the list.

Later on, you can switch to YouTube playlists on your TV, and enjoy your favorite online content with Kloud Player.


Video Calls with Kloud Camera:

PlayIt Android TV box comes with a pre-installed Kloud camera. This state-of-the-art camera can perfectly capture crystal clear video for a 20*20 feet area. You can call your friends, or you can set up a conference call.

The Kloud camera is supported by a cutting-edge microphone. With the modern noise cancelling techniques, your voice is captured and delivered in a premium quality state. Enjoy high quality video chat with your friends and family.

Long Distance Remote Management:

Not everyone is a techie, and not everyone understands how the modern media channels work. Well, PlayIt Android TV box takes care of that with one simple solution: Online Remote Management.

You can log onto your relatives’, senior citizens’, or parents’ device page and easily configure their device. Kloud player lets you share your favorite videos, playlists and manage everything from the comfort of your home.

What Do We Learn?

Even if the online digital mediums are getting complex day by day, this doesn’t mean that you have to pull yourself away from entertainment and become recluse. PlayIt Android TV box caters to all your digital needs, while you sit back, relax and enjoy your favorite content.


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