Kaser Corp has always been one step ahead of the game. We understand what people want, and our geniuses are more than capable of said wants. Kaser Corporation is a hub of innovation and futuristic technology.

PlayIt was developed by Kaser Corp to make your life easier. With PlayIt, you can keep, manage and organize your entire digital life in just one place. PlayIt is an Android TV box set which lets you build a list of your favorite channels, link up your YouTube and other social media accounts, view and organize your online image and video playlists and galleries.

What Can PlayIt Do?

     I.   Build A List of Favorite Channels:

We all know the dreaded task of perusing through all the channels, just to get to your favorite one. It is hard finding something you like when there are literally hundreds and thousands of channels available. With PlayIt, you can make a list of your favorite channels, genres and content.

   II.   View Weather Forecast and News:

How many of us have to go to online applications to see the weather forecast before stepping out? Well, PlayIt will make the entire process easier for you. Just set up your area code, and it will show you 5 days’ weather forecast, so you are better prepared for your journey.

You can also get the latest news and updates of your area with just one voice command. PlayIt keeps you constantly up-to-date with every useful piece of information.

 III.   Link Social Media Accounts:

PlayIt lets you link up your social media accounts with your Android TV box set. You can add your YouTube account to your device, and easily enjoy all your online playlists and favorite videos on your big screen TV.

You can also add other social media platforms and view your entire social media feeds on your TV screen. Instead of switching to different apps constantly on your cellphone, PlayIt lets you control, view and respond to all your social media feeds with voice commands.

IV.   Additional Features:

PlayIt comes with a pre-installed Kloud Player. This is an artificially intelligent virtual assistant, which caters to all of your digital management needs. Just say a voice command and it will understand you from anywhere in the room. It can carry out basic tasks with great ease.

You can video chat with your friends or hold a conference call with your peers and colleagues with PlayIt. The HD camera and the state-of-the-art microphone are more than capable of offering crystal clear video and audio quality.

You can share your created lists with your loved ones with just one click. If you want to remotely manage their device and content, PlayIt lets you control and organize their content and settings from the comfort of your own home.