Even more care for your family than ever. PlayIt can do this through the cloud

Like everybody else, it’s hard to believe that so many of us won’t see the New Year or be waiting for the Santa Clause around Christmas season. But one thing that will remain in this world are stories that we will tell our children and grandchildren. Not only this, but the world will change even after when this COVID-19 pandemic will end. Offices will not remain the same as they used to be, schools will be empty but the children will learn as the world go virtual.

Since we haven’t seen an antidote that could cure the Coronavirus, one could simply assume that it won’t be over soon. Even the limitations on meeting elderly people are heartbreaking, but life doesn’t stop here. With the invention of the internet, we’re thankful that we’re not disconnected from the world. Universities, schools, offices and daily business is still going on. If not from the cubical or the classrooms then from the couch or the dining area or even the bedrooms.

Students and employees are enjoying their time at home especially the introverts, for them, it’s just how the world should be. During this time when you can’t meet your elders and are unable to see your friends like you used to, it’s hard to spend time all by yourself. But what if you have them on your TV screen and while you sit on the couch it will probably feel like as if they’re there with you. Well, Playit can do this and what best is that you won’t have to even hold the phone or tablet. You won’t have to sit in the chair from 9 to 5 like you used to do at work.

- PlayIt brings multiple features:
  o Video Calls, Conference Calls
  o Video Streaming
  o YouTube Streaming Without Ads
  o Creating Playlists & Sharing them From Everywhere

Conduct meetings, attend classes, long chats with friends and sharing those funny videos with your grandma. It’s all possible and the great thing is you will be able to do this with a remote that comes with Playit or if you prefer to use a wireless mouse. Isn’t it just what you’ve always wanted?

You don’t even have to buy an expensive smart TV, any TV with the HDMI port will do just fine. Playit comes with a camera that sits on your TV and once you start the video call with the Playit, it automatically turns on. This camera can also be switched your screen into a mirror so that you can work out at home the same as if you’re doing in the gym.

Once you connect the Playit device and finish the initial setup, you can start sharing your YouTube video playlists and watch all the videos without any ads interruptions. Download all of your favourite apps and use them the way you like.

To facilitate our users, we’ve integrated Zoom as well. So, you don’t have to do any struggle but to click a button to go virtual. Order Playit from Walmart or Amazon, psst… big surprise sale is going on.