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A Cloud Solution for Digital Signage and music

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What is “Prosign-WCM”? “Prosign-WCM” is part of Kaser’s Digital Signage Solution. The Kaser Prosign-WCM solution’s information is delivered through the Internet/Intranet. The “Prosign-WCM” platform consists of a signage player device with built-in client software: The WebDT based player communicates with the WCM (Web Content Management) server in the cloud. All “Prosign-WCM” devices are easily managed using any browser that supports the HTML5 format. Prosign-WCM Architecture Prosign Player Device: (with client app) download schedule & playlists from the server Displays media based on playlists & schedules Sync content from when changed Provides local configuration functions WCM Server: Syncs with prosign Devices for media & playlists Manages Prosign devices both individually and in groups Delivers easy to use media & playlist management tools Provides management of user accounts Manager: Access WCM Server with any HTML5 Browser Manage Prosign devices, playlists, media, and schedules Configure Prosign devices Administer user accounts ...


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