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Label Printer: Ship Fast by Printing Labels In-house

Printing labels directly from your business not only saves time, but also saves money.

With direct input to the USPS, UPS, Fedex and DHL you can ship faster!

Kaser Label Printer Device

E-Commerce / Retail
  • Reduce your overall shipping costs by printing shipping labels direct from your workspace
  • Managing your retail shipping direct from your store allows you to cut out the middle man and ship to your customers faster

Medical / Government
  • Sending confidential government files can be sensitive. Creating your own shipping labels can ensure less people have access to documentation
  • SMedical supplies and blood work can be sent direct from lab for better efficiency.
  • Student enrolment system
  • Wayfinding device for students to easily find their classes and timetables

Warehouse / Logistics
  • The KaserNet label printer is fast and effective, allowing you to ship products faster
  • Connect directly with the major shipping networks across America for the best prices on shipping

Other Industries
If you have been considering streamlining your shipping process, get in touch with one of our consultants today.

The team at KaserNet can show give you a free consultation about how our Label Printer can help your business.

Kaser Label Printer on a wharehouse

Label Printop applies in warehouse shipping

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