About Cin7

Cin7 puts real-time control of inventory and costs at your fingertips, no matter how you source, sell, or store your products. Cin7 gives in-depth reporting and built-in Point-of-Sale (POS), warehouse management, B2B eCommerce, and production features. And the Cin7 App Store lets you easily connect with 100+ accounting solutions, eCommerce platforms, marketplaces, EDI trading partners, Third Party Logistics (3PL) providers, payment and CRM solutions. With deep insight, comprehensive control, and 100+ connections, Cin7 sits at the hub of your business, letting you make more money with less inventory.

Cin7 Features We Support

Less Inventory, More Cash
Tracking inventory across all your sales channels in real-time allows you to forecast sales accurately. Put the right amount of stock where you need it, when you need it. Never miss a sale, and never tie up your cash in inventory again.   

Deliver a Great Customer Experience
Having a built-in Point-of-Sale gives your sales reps stock visibility across warehouses and branches to deliver superior customer service.

Connect All Your Apps in Minutes
Software should make your life easier, not create complications. The Cin7 App Store makes it easy to set up Cin7 in a way that suits your business.  With 100+ Cin7 and third-party apps at your fingertips, it takes minutes, not months to integrate your entire supply chain.

Reduce Chargebacks & Setup Fees with Native EDI
Cin7 lowers the barriers to trading with partners that require EDI compliance. Quick setup times get you trading via EDI faster, and without paying a VAN fee. On top of that, Cin7’s compliance typically leads to businesses paying less in chargebacks.

Run Your Own Warehouse or Outsource to a 3PL
Cin7 provides the ultimate flexibility for companies that require warehousing. Our built-in Warehouse Management feature allows staff to quickly pick, pack, and ship products. And if you outsource, we have native connections to 3PLs around the world so can place your stock anywhere.


Fast, accurate order fulfillment is key to success. Combining Cin7 and KASERCORP will allow you to automate more processes.  Your shipping fees are automatically calculated and added to sales orders in Cin7. Cin7 will push orders to KASERCORP for labelling and dispatch. Once orders are dispatched, KASERCORP updates the shipment status and details in Cin7.