About SureDone

SureDone is a multi-channel listing platform that allows sellers to manage their business more effectively. With SureDone, online retailers are able to sell more products, on new channels, and greatly increase their sales. SureDone now connects to multiple sales channels, including the leading marketplaces, shopping carts and even a SureDone hosted website, but it will also synchronize inventory, manage orders and track fulfillment.

SureDone Features We Support

  • SureDone offers unparalleled flexibility in its integration with KASERCORP. Any field including a custom field, can be mapped and sent as the SKU to KASERCORP
  • All order data, product and shipping detailers are sent to KASERCORP every 30 minutes
  • Tracking data is sent back to SureDone and published to the channel
  • More complicated integrations are possible using SureDone’s open API and unique “plug-in” architecture


SureDone and KASERCORP are perfect partners. Using SureDone’s industry leading flexibility, sellers can concentrate on dramatically growing their GMV, safe in the knowledge that their shipping needs can scale as well.