With the KASERCORP and our Walmart marketplace integration partner, you can efficiently manage Walmart shipping, tracking, and order management in one platform. With Walmart being the largest marketplace in the U.S., our seamless shipping integration helps Walmart sellers grow their online business by streamlining the entire process – from order fulfillment to shipping and tracking updates. Save time, money, and effort, and learn more about how to add your Walmart marketplace to KASERCORP today!

Walmart Marketplace Features

Apply & Qualify
Our sellers are selected based on reputation, sales projections, and alignment with Walmart’s values.

Add your Goods
Your products are sold alongside the Walmart products and are exposed to a massive audience.

Fulfill Orders
Once an order is placed, you’ll ship directly to the customer and handle inquiries and returns of your goods. The new KASERCORP partner integration makes this piece of the puzzle easy to manage for small or large business owners looking to ship and fulfill orders directly from Walmart Marketplace.

Why sell on Walmart Marketplace?

Expand your Audience
Over 80 million unique visitors shop on Walmart.com every month, and many of them are looking for just the product you’re offering. With our Walmart marketplace integration partner, shipping, tracking, and order management it is easy for Walmart sellers to maintain and manage product inventory for a broad audience – say goodbye to juggling in between multiple accounts today!

Ensure Effortless Transactions
Walmart’s revamped website offers your customers a satisfying shopping experience, letting them find, browse and order your products in just a few clicks. With Walmart’s online order tracking, sellers can easily track and update order shipment statuses.

Rely on our Operational Saftey
Walmart has been selling products online since 2000. Their operational safety measures are designed to protect both your customers and your business.

Be a Strategic Business Partner
Along with broad exposure to Walmart’s customer base, you’ll receive valuable support, plus metrics that provide insights into the success of your efforts.